Lost Heaven The Bund - Restaurants
03/06/2012 - 18:12

This magnificent, four-storey restaurant specializes in the cuisine of the Hani tribe from Yunnan province. This tribe is known for its custom of hosting a feast along a table that can stretch for hundreds of metres. The restaurant itself has room for up to 300 guests, including a table that can seat up to 100 people.

The star cuisine at Lost Heaven isknown as ‘Mountain Mekong’ and it features the recipes and ingredients of Yunnan province, Burma, and Lao. In addition to these, you’ll also discover some unusual specialties on the menu, including dishes from northwest Yunnan, which is home to many Tibetan and Naxi minority groups.

The restaurant is exotically decorated, and has an enchanting atmosphere. Before or after you have dined, you can also enjoy international wines and cocktails in the wine bar and view art in the gallery.

Address:17 Yan’an Dong Lu (near Sichuan Nan Lu), Shanghai


Tel: (021) 63300967