Hui Boutique Hotel
03/06/2012 - 17:57

Hui Boutique Hotel is nestled in the quiet Lihong Lane. This well-known old lane makes an ideal base from which to explore the scenic Huangshan area.

As a guest at the hotel, you will enjoy special Hui-style accommodation. The hotel is set in two ancient Qing buildings, which have been renovated and redecorated to simultaneously provide luxury and exude history. Every piece of embroidery, every slate tile, and every piece of furniture depicts the life of the old Hui family and their luxurious lifestyle. Whether your stay is a family holiday or a relaxing trip with friends, an intimate welcome awaits you at Hui Boutique Hotel.

Address: Old Street, No. 3 Lihong Lane, Huangshan, Tunxi, Anhui province.