Thematic tour of Guizhou—The festival of sacrifice to Heaven
01/28/2014 - 12:10

The feast of sacrifice to Heaven is a special celebration of the Dong ethnic group in China, which is the origin of the village Huanggang Shuangjiang district Liping in Guizhou Province.


Day 1 Guiyang

Arrival in Guiyang. Meet your English tour guide and lunch at the restaurant. Afternoon, walk to market of flowers and birds. Then visit the flag of the literary eminence (Jiaxiu lou) considered the symbol of the city (built in the Ming on a rocky promontory of the river). Strolling along the Nanming River to discover the heart of the city.

Overnight in Guiyang. (L.D)

Day 2 Guiyang-Kaili (2.5h drive)

30 minutes walk from the village Langde by bottom (Lang Xia Cun From) to the village of Langde High (Shang Cun De Lang) along a river and rice fields. These two villages are Miao long skirt. Then visit the village of Datang, short skirt Miao, discovery granaries on the water.

Night at hotel.

Day 3 Kaili –Rongjiang

6 hours drive to the mountains via Rongjiang Leigong (mountains thunder). Visiting the villages of Miao Kongsheng Kazhai which are very authentic villages, few tourists.

Night at hotel.

Day 4 (11 July) Rongjiang-Huanggang-Zhaoxing

1.5 hours drive to the village of Dong Huanggang, attending "the feast of sacrifice to heaven."

Night at the Woods Inn in the village of Zhaoxing (charming inn)

Day 5  Zhaoxing

Visit the village of Dong Tang'an and rice terraces nearby. Then walk through the village of Zhaoxing to discover five drum towers and bridges of wind and rain. Free time in the village after the visit.

Night at the Woods Inn in the village of Zhaoxing (charming inn)

Day 6 Zhaoxing-Guiyang

(4 hours drive). Back to Guiyang motorway. Then visit the village of Jiali, a village Miao of black.