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The Railway is extending of 253km. The railway is actually building since September 26, 2010.

As the oldest market in Lhasa, Chongsaikang Market is a place to experience the real life of local people when you are travelling in Tibet

As showcase models of geo-tourism, Shambhala Serai Himalayan Heritage Hotels offer guests an unforgettabl

Makye Ame (Maji Ami) Restaurant is located at the famous Barkhor street, just 10 minutes walking away from Jokhang Temple.

Ganden to Samye is the most popular trek in Tibet connecting two of its most important monastries: Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery.

The Dong ethnic minority lives primarily in the border regions between Guizhou, Hunan and Hubei Provinces, and it was during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), that this minority separated from the mixed

The feast of sacrifice to Heaven is a special celebration of the Dong ethnic group in China, which is the origin of the village Huanggang Shuangjiang district Liping in Guizhou Provinc